Top Tracer Games

Toptracer Range Powered by Miracle Hill Golf Course is a real game changer!  

Toptracer Range redefines the driving range experience—from a functional training day to an exciting experience for everyone. The technology provides instant shot replays and statistical feedback on interactive game screens in an indoor hitting bay, which allows players to make swing adjustments and immediately see the impact on their golf shot. Players, of all levels, can enjoy golf year-round at Miracle Hill.

Toptracer Range features games and modes suited for all ages and skill levels. Take on the world in a long-drive competition, play Closest to the Pin with your friends, dive into advanced analytics to fine-tune your swing, and virtually tee it up at some of the world’s greatest courses. Your driving range experience will never be the same.

While Toptracer is a great training tool, it is also a great way to spend time with friends in a fun environment. The MIracle Hill Totracer Range is complete with a full menu and bar service along with comfortable seating in each bay. Reserve your spot today!

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Toptracer Games



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